Register Now for the 2018 GFFE 13th Annual  Spelling Bee, April 5, Guilford High School

The GFFE Adult Spelling Bee brings forty-nine teams of three spellers each together in seven rounds of spelling.  Each round has seven teams on stage at the same time. The announcer pronounces each word and puts it in a sentence.  The three members of each team collaborate on the spelling, write their final choice on a small white board and hold it up for the judges to see.  If the team spells the word wrong, they are excused from the contest.  The round continues until there is just one team left, the winner of the round. The final round contains the winning teams from the previous rounds.  The winner of the final round is the winner of the bee.  

To join the bee, fill out the registration form,  The registration fee is $200 if paid by February 19.  The fee is $225 if paid after February 20.  Once you click the submit button, you will be brought to the payment page.  You can pay either by check, PayPal or credit card.   If you choose to pay by check, you may send your check to the Guilford Fund for Education, 800 Village Walk, PO Box #269, Guilford, CT 06437. 

Please fill out this form completely, then click the "submit" button.  You may "save" your work and come back to it later, if you wish.