Bee Ball 2019

Saturday, February 23, 2019



It’s that time again!  The annual GFFE / Guilford Basketball 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament will be held on Saturday, February 23, 2019 at Adams Middle School. This is an invitation to put together a team and have some fun!

This tournament is sponsored by the Guilford Fund for Education and supported by the Guilford Basketball League. This is a fund raiser and each team donates $10 per player ($40 per team) to participate. We will trophies for the winners and a nice commemorative medal for all children who participate, 

If you are in grades three through six, and are interested in putting together a team to compete in this tournament, please read on.

Each tournament is set-up by grade, and there are both boys’ and girls’ tournaments as part of the event.  Players are asked to put together a four-person team and each tournament will last about 75 minutes.  To keep it fair, each team can only have two travel league players.   There is room for 8 teams at each grade level, so space is limited.  

Times for each grade on Saturday, February 23rd, are as follows: 9 am 6th grade; 10:30 am 5thgrade; 12 noon 4th grade; 1:30 pm 3rd grade.

The winning teams will receive trophies from GFFE!