Bill Bloss - Chairman of the Guilford Board of Education

     When I was asked to identify the teacher who changed my life, it occurred to me that it would be entirely impossible for me to do that.  In thinking about all the teachers I’ve had from elementary school through law school, I must say that the great majority of them had some influence on me, one way or another.  As an exercise getting ready to meet with GFFE, I tried to remember the names of every teacher I ever had.  Even after all these years, I’m pretty sure I have them all.  More to the point, I can remember something positive about all of them.  That’s how important all my teachers have been to me.

I imagine that most people would say that it was a high school teacher who had the greatest influence, and perhaps that would be true of me too.  In high school, I was at an age when I was most easily influenced.  Having two sixteen-year old children of my own, I’m reminded how important it was to be reassured at school that I had potential and skills, that I could use them in life to be successful, and that I was going to be OK despite being faced with many unknowns.  That’s what my teachers did for me over and over again.  It was very important and very powerful, and with gratitude I will never forget what they did for me.