1.Preparing and submitting the application. Complete the application on line. Prior to submission, have the necessary personnel review your grant application in full and sign.2.Ensuring the grant is in alignment with GFFE mission. Your completed grant application will be reviewed by the GFFE Grants Committee Chairs to ensure alignment with the areas that GFFE funds. It is rare for there to be a question if the applicant reads the first page of the application and checks that what they are submitting is in alignment. Normally, a grant application is forwarded to the next step without question. If there is a question regarding your grant, the Grants Committee Chairs will seek a ruling from the GFFE Executive Committee. Only in the case that the Executive Committee rules that your grant does not fall within the areas GFFE funds will you be notified that GFFE will not be proceeding with your grant.3.Ensuring the grant is in alignment with your organization’s goals. GFFE wants your grant to be successful if funded. That means your organization must be willing to support your efforts and possibly continue them after the grant period. During this step, the Grants Committee Chairs forward the grant application to the applicable person in the applicant’s parent organization (i.e. Guilford Public Schools, Shoreline Arts Alliance, Women & Family Life). It is important that a representative of the organization with knowledge of its Vision, Goals, and Policies signs off that this grant is in alignment. If there are any tweaks needing to be made to the grant regarding alignment, that feedback will be provided in the next step. If the organization determines that the grant is not in alignment with the overall organization’s direction, the Chairs of the Grants Committee will let the grant applicant know that the grant application will not be forwarded for approval and the reasons why.4.Ensuring your grant is complete and best expresses your case for funding. The Grants Committee Chairs will assign a facilitator to work with you on fine-tuning your application. Your faciilitator will provide any feedback received from your organization regarding alignment. Your facilitator will take you through the assessment tool and will share examples of previous grants to better clarify areas of the assessment. Your facilitator will help you review your timeline and your budget for clarity and appropriateness. Your facilitator will help you update your application and help with its on-line submission. Your facilitator will review ahead of time your presentation to the Grants Committee.5. Scheduling the grant for Grants Committee assessment. Upon receiving your submission of the updated application; the Grants Committee Chairs will schedule your grant for an upcoming Grants Committee meeting. Your grant will typically be scheduled at the next Grants Committee meeting that falls after two weeks of submission. (Note: The Grants Committee wants to have enough time to thoroughly read your grant and perform a preliminary assessment prior to meeting. If your application is received on the first of the month, but the Grants Committee is meeting the 8th of that same month, your grant will not be schedule to be heard until the month following.)6.Presenting your grant to the Grants Committee. The Grants Committee is enthused to hear about your grant. Come prepared to present your grant in 5-10 minutes. Emphasis should be on the what, the how, and the overall impact the grant will have. The Grants Committee may take 5-10 minutes to clarify any questions members have.7.Assessing the grant against the criteria. Once all grants’ presentations have been made at the meeting, the Committee will assess as a group each grant presented. They are looking to be in consensus (no more than one point on either side of the average rating) on their final assessment. If your grant is assessed positively (at 85% or higher), the Grants Committee will recommend your grant to the GFFE Board of Directors for funding. If your grant is not recommended to the Board for funding, the Grant Committee Chairs will notify you of that decision and share with you the assessment of the grant that resulted in its not being recommended for funding.8. Deciding to fund the grant. The Board of Directors of GFFE will consider your grant for funding no earlier than a week after it has been recommended to the Board. At a regularly scheduled meeting, the Board will assess the fiduciary investment requested for this grant to pursue the potential positive impact the grant might have. They will take a vote to fund the grant. The decision of the Board will be communicated to the applicant, the overall organization, the Grants Committee, and applicant facilitator.9. Issuing funds to the organization for your grant. Once the Board of Directors has approved the grant, the Treasurer will issue and deliver the check for the approved amount to the applicant’s organization at the address on record.10.Reporting Grant Status. Three months following the start date of the grant; the applicant will submit a status report on the grant to the Chairs of the Grants Committee. Additionally, the applicant will provide a one year final report on the overall grant. Your facilitator will follow up with you on the timing of these reports.