Thank you for applying for a GFFE grant. 
     The Grant process from submission to approval can take six to eight weeks.
GFFE funds grants that aid the transformation of the educational environment and experiences.
     Among the areas GFFE considers for funding are those that explore potential programmatic changes to methodologies, learning, experiences, or techniques that are new or innovative to the Guilford educational environment. When assessing a grant, we consider if the grant is new or an application of a better solution that meets new opportunities, or evolving educational needs. Does it enhance the educational landscape with more-effective processes with or without the use of technology? Will the grant have the potential to create something new in Guilford that is more effective or deepens the learning impact? GFFE also funds grants that build upon an already established project, but through the proposed change, greatly enhances the impact on student learning and educational landscape.
     The output of the grants should impact Guilford youth. If the audience is broader than just Guilford, the focus of the grant should be on Guilford youth. 
     With that said, GFFE does not fund the following:
         Text Books
         Standard Room Equipment
         New version of same technology
         Salaries within the organization
         Requirements to teach a course
         Teacher training requirements
         Repeat of same program year to year

You may start the form, push the "save" button, and come back to it later.  Your work will be saved.  The next time you log onto the application page, you will see a box that says "load saved progress."  Hover the cursor over the box next to the date and click on the word "load."  Your work will be loaded back into the form.

Or, download the application form as a Word document here.  Fill it out at your leisure, and email it to

Also, download the signature page here, have it signed, scan it, and email it to, or mail it to GFFE, 800 Village Walk, #269, Guilford, CT 06437