How the GFFE Works

The Relationship with Guilford Public Schools: The GFFE does not replace tax dollars, nor affect the school budgeting or tax funding process in any way. It provides resources to explore new concepts, enhance existing curriculum and strengthen the learning process! The GFFE is independent of the Guilford Public Schools and the Board of Education. Its Board maintains a close working relationship with the Guilford Public Schools and the Board of Education. Open and active communication is the goal.

The Guilford Community & GFFE: Rather than the taxpayers, GFFE is the risk taker, investing in research, development and funding for special projects that can benefit all students. Learning takes place in many venues. We encourage and deepen a community-wide enthusiasm for excellence in education and learning.

Who May Apply For Grants: The GFFE encourages collaboration across grades, schools, departments, and Guilford community groups focused on the education of all Guilford youth.Guilford Non-profits, Special Education, Personnel Department Heads, Counselors, Administrators and Teachers.