Mr. Robert Macmillen, Baldwin - "Mr. Mac goes above and beyond and is willing to stretch way out of the box." Katina Varzos

Susan Samsel, A.W. Cox - "Mrs. Samsel is an outstanding teacher and Tyler Mezrich is lucky to be in her 3rd grade class." Lisa Mezrich

Mrs. Carol Fonicello, Baldwin - "You are quite simply, a miracle worker introducing music to lots of eager 5th grade students."     Tina Roman

Mary Onacilla, A.W. Cox - "Thank You for being such an awesome teacher!! Love, Rhya"   Melinda Maisa

Mr. Kevin Flanagan, Guilford Lakes - "Mr. Flanagan is an amazing teacher who takes the time to really get to know each of his student's needs in the most caring way."  Christy Stoddard

Megan Lee, A.W. Cox - "Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher to both of our children."  The Salzano Family

Mrs. Sherri Stephens, Guilford Lakes - "Thank you for being an exceptional 2nd grade teacher."  Amanda Pluck and family

Mrs. Kristina Vail, Guilford Lakes - "Thank you for being a fantastic teacher!"  Amanda & Molly Pluck

Mrs. Jennifer Checovetes, Guilford Lakes - "Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher!"  Amanda & Brendon Pluck

Mrs. Anne Hartford, A.W. Cox - "You are kind and a great teacher!"  Anna Gunderson

Mr. Paul Freeman, GPS - "Thanks for your wisdom and leadership in sometimes difficult times."  Herb Swartz

Jennifer Arabolos, A.W. Cox - "Thank you for going above and beyond to make learning so much fun in 3rd grade!"  Dylan Chung & Family

Heather Potts, Adams Middle School - "For being such a wonderful, caring teacher."  Kevin Urban and his Family

Karen Bergantino, GFFE - "Thank you for your tireless leadership with the GFFE Bees!"  Joe Goldberg

Mr. Kevin Flanagan, Guilford Lakes - "Thank you!"  Analia Faris

Mr. Scot Ryan, Guilford Lakes - "Thank you!" Analia Faris

Rick Misenti, Guilford High School - "Thanks for all you do for the students, faculty and community."  The GFFE

Kate Summerlin, A.W.Cox - "Thanks for all you do for your students. You are greatly appreciated." The GFFE

Mrs. Jennifer Mennone, Melissa Jones School - "Mrs. Mennone teaches us fun stuff and makes learning fun."  Ryan Fernandez

Mrs. Christine Mennone, Guilford Lakes School - "Thanks Ms. Mennone for all that you do!"   Theo Hwang and family

Ms. Mary Binkowski, Guilford High School - "Thank you for making Chemistry so much fun! Your enthusiasm is contagious."  Sincerely, Sydnie Schlagheck

Mrs. Lori Luyckx, Guilford Lakes - "Thank you for spending time to make each learner successful. Your writing support is greatly appreciated."  Sincerely, Grantham Schlagheck

Mrs. Kristina Vail, Guilford Lakes - "Thank you for making reading so much fun. The books you share with us excite me to read more." Sincerely, Pierson Schlagheck

Ms. Sarah Lizee, Melissa Jones School - "4th grade is great! Thank you!"  From

Owen Romero & Family

Mr. John Foti, Guilford High School - "You make science fun!"  From Collin Romero & Family

Ms. Meghan Marciano, Guilford High School - "¡Muchas gracias!"  From Collin Romero

Maureen Afeltra, Guilford Lakes - "You are a true miracle worker it amazes me how much my son has flourished in his short time thus far with you. Many thanks!"  Michelle Madigan

Mrs. Robin Kalfaian, A.W. Cox - "Thank you for your kindness and professional excellence." Daniel D. Nardo and his family