Ms. Anne Hartford, A.W. Cox - "Thank you so much for making 1st grade so fun! They learned so much!"  Jutta Joormann

Ms. Lori Luyckx, Guilford Lakes - "You always put my son's ability to the test and continually made him reach for higher expectations. I can't thank you enough for your unselfish acts of kindness throughout this year! He is certainly ready for Middle School thanks to your hard work and dedication. You truly are the most outstanding teacher I have ever met!"  Amy Tansey

Mr. Nicholas Damore, Adams - "Thank you for being such an engaging and encouraging teacher for Noah this year. He made such great strides this year in Language Arts. We've had many discussions throughout the year about what he was learning. His discussion with his cousin about the character development in an action movie, that I was telling you about, made me realize how much of your lessons he has absorbed. Have a wonderful summer."  Laura Gilbert

Mrs. Elizabeth Mancini, Guilford Lakes - "Your kind heart and firmness always made my kids learn and grow during the school years. You always took everything in and made sense of it by communicating softly and with a tender voice. Thank you for your dedication to all three of my children!
See you at Halloween!"   We adore you, Amy Tansey

Ms. Lori Luyckx, Guilford Lakes - "Thank you for a wonderful 4th grade year! We appreciate all you did for us. We will miss you!"  Renee Riga

Mrs. Kim Hayash, Adams - "Noah loved science this year! Thank you for being such an engaging teacher. And keep up with the stairs running - I think they liked it even if they won't admit it. Have a great summer!"  Laura Gilbert

Miss Jessica Gellert, Adams - "You are a demanding teacher and I think Noah rose to the occasion and learned a lot this year! Have a great summer."  Laura Gilbert

Ms. Marie Snow, Guilford High School - "Merci pour cette belle année. Vous avez rendu le français amusant et mémorable.  Je vous en prie, Sydnie

Ms. Mary Binkowski, Guilford High School - "Thank you for making chemistry fun and for sharing your love of the subject. You have made it a great year!  Love, Sydnie Schlagheck

Mrs. Melissa Elliot, Adams - "Noah had a great year in social studies. Thank you for being so encouraging. Have a wonderful summer."  Laura Gilbert

Mr. Joseph Mangino, Guilford High School - "Thank you for being such an encouraging and engaging teacher for Leo this year. The creativity of your assignments really sparked Leo's interest. I loved how you made the work relevant to the students' lives. (Ex: analyzing Superbowl ads) He really improved his writing and analytical skills this year and that is in no small part due to you! Have a wonderful summer."  Laura Gilbert

Mrs. Christine Mennone, Guilford Lakes - "Mrs. Mennone has been an amazing influence on Soraya. She has encouraged her and given her the greatest gift -a love of learning. Guilford students have benefited from her skills as an educator. Her caring yet structured methods are admired by parents and her students visibly love her. Mrs. Mennone will be missed!! Congrats on an amazing teaching career!!!"  Veena Kapadia

Mrs. Jennifer Brown, Guilford Lakes - "Mrs. Brown believes in Asher, which has allowed his confidence to grow. He loves school and comes home with stories of the wonderful ways Mrs. Brown introduces various subjects to her students. I appreciate Mrs. Brown for her communication with parents and helping us guide Asher in his education. I'd like to thank her for a successful year and for her special ability to motivate Asher."  Veena Kapadia

Mrs. Mary Onacilla, A.W. Cox - "Thank you for a great first year in Guilford!"  Love, Tyler Boyd

Mr. Douglas Hammel, Baldwin - "Thanks for getting yet another one of our children through Baldwin! Emma really thrived there!"  Elizabeth Getrost

Mr. Dennis Culliton, Adams - "Thank you for being so dedicated to the school, community, and real learning for the children!"   Anne Waehner

Ms. Mary Rose Sarja, Melissa Jones - "Thank you for an Amazing year and making my 3rd Grade a special year!"  Love, Patrick McGrath

Mrs. Christine Cody, Melissa Jones - "For your patience, kindness, sense of humor and constant care & attention to all the kids in your class. And most of all, for teaching our son to read!"  Holly Clune

Mrs. Elizabeth Hill, Melissa Jones - "For everything you've done this year - most of all, for your empathy and kind heart. You taught our girl that she matters - thank you for seeing her. This has been a landmark year for her - and we thank you for being such a big part of it all."   Holly Clune

Ms. Jharley Jones, Melissa Jones - "You brought language and history into our kids' lives - thank you! They are so proud of the Spanish they've learned this year - and they want to learn more becasue of you! Thank you!"  Holly Clune

Mr. Matt Guarnieri, Melissa Jones - "Science and math are now cool again, thanks to you. You obviously love what you teach - so thank you for passing on your passion for math and science to our daughter. She's learned a lot from you!"  Holly Clune

Ms. Libby Seidner, Melissa Jones - "You bring music into our children's lives! We need more of you!! Thank you for all the work you've done - you've definitely made a positive impact on our kids! Thank you!"  Holly Clune

Mr. Derek DeLucia, Melissa Jones - "For going that extra mile...all the time."  Holly Clune

Mrs. Judy Bellanio, Baldwin - "Thanks so much for a great year! Emma really thrived in your care!"   Elizabeth Getrost

Mrs. Susan Oakley, Adams - "Just, wow. Thank you for all you do."  Anne Waehner

Mrs. Tara Bowers, Adams - "Your dedication and efforts are apparent and we are so grateful!"   Anne Waehner

Mr. John Montanaro, Baldwin - "Thank you for inspiring the kids to always do their best!"  Anne Waehner

Ms. Jennifer Lisi, Baldwin - "Thank you for making science so engaging and fun!"  Anne Waehner

Mr. Robert Macmillen, Baldwin - "Thank you for being so supportive, kind and fun for the children!"   Anne Waehner

Ms. Emily Thomas, Melissa Jones - "Thank you for being my teacher and friend."  Somerset Phillips & her family

Mrs. Nicole Israel, Calvin Leete - "Thank you for being such a great teacher!"  John & Philip Mancini.

Mrs. Lauren Trotta, Calvin Leete - "Thank you for being such a great teacher!"  John & Philip Mancini

Mrs. Debra Golembieski, Calvin Leete - "Thank you for being such a great teacher!"  John & Philip Mancini

Mrs. Jennifer Brown, Guilford Lakes - "Thank you for challenging Brant and giving him such a rewarding experience!" Christopher Sankey

Mrs. Kelli Lipinski, Guilford Lakes - "Thank you for being such a lovely role model for Mia this year!" Christopher Sankey

Ms. Lori Luyckx, Guilford Lakes - "Thank you for your kindness, humor, care and all around awesomeness! Katie Doucet

Ms. Melissa Yetso, Adams Middle School - "Thank you for your kindness and care and for going above and beyond for our children." Katie Doucet

Mrs. Kate Willet, Guilford Lakes -  "Thank you for your love and support of Samantha. She is so fortunate to have such a caring and generous teacher." The Cartier Family!

Ms. Misty Mota, Guilford Lakes -"Mrs. Mota, thank you for making 4th grade so wonderful for Mimi! (And thanks for Delma too, a couple years late!) You've made Mimi's last year at Lakes amazing-- thanks for getting her ready to soar at Baldwin!" Heide Mueller-Hatton

Mrs. Sheryl Shyloski, Guilford Lakes - "Thank you for your tireless efforts of pushing our children to flourish and supporting the families who love them. You are awesome!" Love, Evan & Co.

Mr. Robert Macmillen, Baldwin - "Mr. Mac goes above and beyond and is willing to stretch way out of the box." Katina Varzos

Susan Samsel, A.W. Cox - "Mrs. Samsel is an outstanding teacher and Tyler Mezrich is lucky to be in her 3rd grade class." Lisa Mezrich

Mrs. Carol Fonicello, Baldwin - "You are quite simply, a miracle worker introducing music to lots of eager 5th grade students."     Tina Roman

Mary Onacilla, A.W. Cox - "Thank You for being such an awesome teacher!! Love, Rhya"   Melinda Maisa

Mr. Kevin Flanagan, Guilford Lakes - "Mr. Flanagan is an amazing teacher who takes the time to really get to know each of his student's needs in the most caring way."  Christy Stoddard

Megan Lee, A.W. Cox - "Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher to both of our children."  The Salzano Family

Mrs. Sherri Stephens, Guilford Lakes - "Thank you for being an exceptional 2nd grade teacher."  Amanda Pluck and family

Mrs. Kristina Vail, Guilford Lakes - "Thank you for being a fantastic teacher!"  Amanda & Molly Pluck

Mrs. Jennifer Checovetes, Guilford Lakes - "Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher!"  Amanda & Brendon Pluck

Mrs. Anne Hartford, A.W. Cox - "You are kind and a great teacher!"  Anna Gunderson

Mr. Paul Freeman, GPS - "Thanks for your wisdom and leadership in sometimes difficult times."  Herb Swartz

Jennifer Arabolos, A.W. Cox - "Thank you for going above and beyond to make learning so much fun in 3rd grade!"  Dylan Chung & Family

Heather Potts, Adams Middle School - "For being such a wonderful, caring teacher."  Kevin Urban and his Family

Karen Bergantino, GFFE - "Thank you for your tireless leadership with the GFFE Bees!"  Joe Goldberg

Mr. Kevin Flanagan, Guilford Lakes - "Thank you!"  Analia Faris

Mr. Scot Ryan, Guilford Lakes - "Thank you!" Analia Faris

Rick Misenti, Guilford High School - "Thanks for all you do for the students, faculty and community."  The GFFE

Kate Summerlin, A.W.Cox - "Thanks for all you do for your students. You are greatly appreciated." The GFFE

Mrs. Jennifer Mennone, Melissa Jones  - "Mrs. Mennone teaches us fun stuff and makes learning fun."  Ryan Fernandez

Mrs. Christine Mennone, Guilford Lakes School - "Thanks Ms. Mennone for all that you do!"   Theo Hwang and family

Ms. Mary Binkowski, Guilford High School - "Thank you for making Chemistry so much fun! Your enthusiasm is contagious."  Sincerely, Sydnie Schlagheck

Mrs. Lori Luyckx, Guilford Lakes - "Thank you for spending time to make each learner successful. Your writing support is greatly appreciated."  Sincerely, Grantham Schlagheck

Mrs. Kristina Vail, Guilford Lakes - "Thank you for making reading so much fun. The books you share with us excite me to read more." Sincerely, Pierson Schlagheck

Ms. Sarah Lizee, Melissa Jones  - "4th grade is great! Thank you!"  From

Owen Romero & Family

Mr. John Foti, Guilford High School - "You make science fun!"  From Collin Romero & Family

Ms. Meghan Marciano, Guilford High School - "¡Muchas gracias!"  From Collin Romero

Maureen Afeltra, Guilford Lakes - "You are a true miracle worker it amazes me how much my son has flourished in his short time thus far with you. Many thanks!"  Michelle Madigan

Mrs. Robin Kalfaian, A.W. Cox - "Thank you for your kindness and professional excellence." Daniel D. Nardo and his family